Zelfgefokte kampioenen - Homebred Champions -
Champions de notre elevage

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Up to Date

The Amazing Piper

The Stunning Stien

She is the One

Sugar Babe

Romantic Rendez Vous With Kate

Remember the Sweet Dreams

Quality Time

Quick Kiss Me Quick

Quality Time Only For Us

Quality Time Law of Paris


Ch. Pecker Woody

Ch. Nice Lady Nadezda

Ch. Look at Me

Ch. Koboy

Ch. Kissable

Ch. Jarco

Ch. Incredible

Ch. Incognito

Ch. Homepage

Ch. Gipsygirl

Ch. Fairbancks

Ch. Farypeople

Ch. Fatal Beauty

Ch. Forest Gump

Ch. Eden Flower

Ch. Dandilion


Ch. Dirtymind

Ch. Call Me Blue

Ch. Cartouche

Ch. All The Best

Ch. Aristic

Ch. All For You

Ch. Arconina

Ch. Zjin Zjin

Ch. Y'Wild Thing


Ch. Xchyne

Ch. Vampy Girl

Ch. Vic King

Ch. Shaggy