My passion for an...
Old English Sheepdog !

How it all began... 

I’m Chris Lembrechts, married with Jan Van Beirendonck and have two boys Tom and Wim.
We have 13 OES. But it wasn’t not always so.
It all started in 1976 when I married. I had a teckel at home, because I didn’t get a big dog and brought here with me when I married.

The year after she became sick and we were thinking for a bigger dog.
So we looked into books to get some information.
The result was an Old English Sheepdog because I liked long hairs and he was not to big! And he was good for children.
But we couldn’t find them in Belgium: so asking in England.
We wanted a certain combination. But she stayed empty and we had to wait for an other 8 months till 1979.

It became a bitch from the Longdorhams kennel, property of Mariel Duffin. The father was Ch.
Wenalt Andrew and the mother Ch. Longdorhams follies by George.
She had one bleu and one brown eye, her name was Longdorhams Melody, we called her

She was adorable: especially for the children. Soon we bought a second Bobtail, Her name was ‘Flo’ - Field flower of Ragtime Bobby's.
The breeder asked me to do shows with her. I tried but with 2 children from 3 and 4 years old, and both working whole the day, construction of a new house, it became impossible.

The years after there came more and more Oes: 

1. F- Irresistible of Ragtime Bobbies
2. F- Inasha of Woodland Cottage
3. M - Lonely Surprise of Cheerful Fellow
4. F - Fomalhaut Sun's Night-and-Day
5. F - Fanny Silver Blue Shine
6. F - Hairy Fellow Mistique Blossom
7. F - Fieldflower I'm Timeless
8. M - El-Cordobes of Ragtime Bobby's
9. M - Tuckels Old Fashion
10. M - Macoes Bacardi Snowboot Bear

In 1981 we decided to have our first litter with Melody. Many other Oes followed.
In the years 1985-1990 the Bobtail became very popular in Belgium because of a serie on television. We stopped the breeding.
There was a rush for puppies which resulted in a lot of bad breeding. In these years the birth of puppies raised to 400 instead of 40
It was difficult to explain people the difference between a good breeding and the people who breeds only for the money.

In 1990 we moved to the country (more than 4.000m˛) and we build a new house with a lot of place for the dogs, and without neighbours.
Than we asked our official breedersname:
‘of Snowboot Bears’.

That was the start of a new time in our life.

My stud dog that time drowned in our swimming pool and I bought a new one in England.
Those people asked me to show him.
Stourvale Questionmark from Ch. Zottels Flambojant & Ch. Stourvale Rosanne.

As unknown that I was he did well and became German Champion.
Than I bought an other dog in the Netherland:
Our Snowboot Bear of Fool’s Paradise who became my greatest shower.

He became:
International, Belgian, Luxembourg, Polish, VDH, Dutch, European Champion and Europasieger 1998, Luxembourg Junior Winner, Brussels Winner, Belgian Winner, etc...

I also bought and made champion:

  F - Ch. Prima Donna de Romanico
M - Ch. Stourvale Question Mark
M - Ch. Uppercut Of the Black Orchid
M - Ch. First Love Aus dem Elbe Urstromtal
M - Ch. Givmtome Aus dem Elbe Urstromtal
F - Ch. Piraza Mayflower
F - Ch. Koko Chanel Aus dem Elbe Urstromtal
F - Ch. Grace Kelly of Mary People
F - Ch. Ideal Inimini de l'Ame des Bergers

I bred many champions myself:

  1. F - Ch. Quitina Of Snowboot Bears
  2. F - Ch. Shaggy Of Snowboot Bears
  3. F - Ch. Vampy Girl Of Snowboot Bears
  4. M - Ch. Vicking Of Snowboot Bears
  5. M - Ch. Xchyne Of Snowboot Bears
  6. F - Ch. Xineblue Of Snowboot Bears
  7. F - Ch. Y'Wild Thing Of Snowboot Bears
  8. F - Ch. Zjin Zjin Of Snowboot Bears
  9. F - All The Best Of Snowboot Bears
10. F - Ch. All For You Of Snowboot Bears
11. F - Ch. Arconina Of Snowboot Bears
12. F - Ch. Artistic Of Snowboot Bears
13. M - Ch. Call Me Blue Of Snowboot Bears
14. M - Ch. Cartouche Of Snowboot Bears
15. M - Ch. Dandillion Of Snowboot Bears
16. F - Ch. Dirty Mind Of Snowboot Bears
17. F - Ch. Dolly Dot Of Snowboot Bears
18. F - Ch. Eden Flower Of Snowboot Bears
19. M - Ch. Even Better Of Snowboot Bears
20. F - Ch. Fatal Beauty Of Snowboot Bears
21. M - Ch. Forest Gump Of Snowboot Bears
22. M - Ch. Fairbancks Of Snowboot Bears
23. F - Ch. Fary People Of Snowboot Bears
24. F - Ch. Gipsy Girl Of Snowboot Bears
25. M - Ch. Incognito Of Snowboot Bears
26. F - Ch. Homepage of Snowboot Bears
27 F - Ch. Incredible of Snowboot Bears
28 M - Ch. Jarco of Snowboot Bears
29 F - Ch. Kisseble of Snowboot Bears
30 M - Ch. Koboy of Snowboot Bears
31 F - Ch. Look At Me of Snowboot Bears
32 F - Nice Lady Nadezda of Snowboot Bears
33 M - Pecker Woody of Snowboot Bears
34 F - Pippa's Secret of Snowboot Bears

Since I started showing, they told me to go at the Euro OES show.
My first was in Spain in 1993.
Since that moment I went every year to the Euro OES show with sometimes better or less results but always placed.

You can check my Euro OES results on the website.

Every year I also went to Crufts in England.
So I told myself: "As soon as we can go far with our dogs, I will start there".
So in 2001 I went for the first time to Crufts and every year with another dog of my own breed.

After becoming Res. Best Female twice with Ch. Y'Wild Thing Of Snowboot Bears in 2003 and Ch. Arconina Of Snowboot Bears in 2005, I got
fantastic results in 2011:

Ch. Incognito Of Snowboot Bears became Best Male !

You can check my Crufts results on the website

 We have a few young Snowboots in the running at the moment:

F - Quick Kiss Me Quick of Snowboot Bears
M - Rolling Stone of Snowboot Bears